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Hecla Mining Company Website

After programming the last three versions of Hecla Mining Company’s website, Miller Consulting Services is happy to announce the latest evolution of Hecla’s website. Hecla required a responsive website that would work well in all viewing environments to keep up with trends in mobile browsing, and provide relevant results for information seekers and investors. (more…)

Turning it up to elevenIn the immortal words of Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel: “These go to eleven.” Eleven years ago, Miller Consulting Services was started with the goal of providing personalized technology support for individuals and small businesses.  Over the years this has included system maintenance, front end and back end website production, business network setup, and technology purchasing consultations. If it had to do with computers and technology (and sometimes not even that) we were here to help. (more…)

Miller Consulting Services recently launched two new websites for Hecla Mining Company.

With the design skills of Anderson Mraz Design, Miller Consulting Services developed and launched a complete redesign of the Hecla Mining Company website along with  a private intranet site for deploying current information to employees at various locations. (more…)